Capacity Building For Enterprises and Individuals

w-3We offer Capacity Building and Orientation through seminars and workshops for staff, executives and board members of groups and other organizations  as well as students, job seekers, and wantrepreneurs on how to become more, effective and efficient, with upright values, clear-thinking and practical skills, including areas such as leadership, entrepreneurship, personal development and civic engagement

Since its creation in 2012 our capacity building program has been the backbone of the organization.

Through this program we reach a good number of Students, Unemployed, Employed, Employers, Wantrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Groups, Associations and many more, offering capacity building that enables these individuals, groups and institutions to attain both personal and organizational objectives.

How it Works

  • You can subscribe to each course or group of courses for your group, staff, students, board etc. based on your needs.
  • Our courses can either be given as single seminars, or as a group or careful selection based on the needs of the organization
  • Each of our sessions is designed to be addressed for 45 minutes. However intensive training can be given upon request.
  • We cover a maximum of 2 topics a day, One Session a week. and each session costs 20, 000 CFA per Group without considering transportation and lodging for places (outside Bamenda)
  • Our Full/Custom Packages are negotiable for groups such as (schools, staff, NGO boards and students)
  • We offer a resource DVD which contains extra learning material (Audio/Video/Books) to all participants. The DVDs are not for sell, however participants pay a minimal fee of 1000 CFA to cover cost of production

Benefits of the Program

Personal Development: 

We inspire participants to develop positive attitude, skills, and ideals that can enable them achieve their maximum potential at school, work and other social intuitions.

We also provide useful information to facilitate making of important life choices such as choosing a career. Trainees Learn skills that are not generally taught in schools but that are very vital to the gaining of employment, advancement of careers, doubling of effectiveness and productivity and success in life as well.


Trainees are empowered with knowledge and skills that are needed to inspire and influence the modern team to become more productive, effective and to achieve their set objectives. Now our day’s leadership skills are not only for managers and executives but for everybody who want to advance in life

Business and Entrepreneurship:

We engage trainees to gain the knowledge and skills that are needed to start and grow a business and also to learn the attitude and skills that successful entrepreneurs around the world use so as to be able to apply them in their various aspects of life for advancement and self-sustainability

Civic Engagement:

Trainees learn their roles and responsibilities in society both as individuals, associations and as companies, and practical skills on how they can positively contribute to the welfare of their communities and to the world

Extra Benefits of Our Programs

Besides the obvious benefits of our programs, by getting your students, staff, board, and or group members to be more effective, productive, ethical, and progressive, it brings forth great returns on investment, and also paints a good image of your institution.

This program can also act as your institutions “Social Responsibility” to its members and to the community as a whole.

NB: Our training are purely for personal development. We don’t offer Academic credits, nor are we legal advisers


Personal Development

  1.      Personal Development Theory
  2. Time management
  3. Self-discipline and self-esteem
  4. Basic Writing Skills
  5. Public Speaking
  6. Critical Thinking
  7. Body Language
  8. Goals Setting
  9. Developing Concepts (ideas)
  10. Action Planning
  11. Social Etiquette
  12. Networking to get ahead
  13. Developing a Personal Code of Ethics
  14. 7 Habits of highly effective people
  15. The 8th Habit – Greatness
  16. How to win friends and influence people
  17. Social Intelligence
  18. Emotional Intelligence
  19. Accelerated Learning Techniques
  20. Overcoming Worry and Fear
  21. Anger and Conflict Management
  22. Team Work
  23. Code of ethics for family

Business and Entrepreneurship

  1. Entrepreneurship Theory
  2. Starting and Growing a Business
  3. Business planning
  4. Business Expansion
  5. Design Driven Entrepreneurship
  6. Fundamentals of Business management


  1. Leadership Theory
  2. Workforce Collaboration and Development
  3. Management Strategies for People and Resources
  4. Servant Leadership
  5. 21 Laws of leadership

Civic Engagement

  1. Community Organizing for Action
  2. Organizing Grassroots Advocacy
  3. How to build a good small NGO
  4. Code of ethics for NGOs
  5. Building Social Enterprises
  6. Engaging with Public Officials for Positive Change

Special Courses

  1. Managing and Evaluating Projects
  2. Advocating For Youth
  3. Internet and Social Media for Business
  4. Using The Internet for education, information and opportunity sourcing
  5. How to organize events

Career and Employment

  1. Choosing a career (Students)
  2. Finding And Keeping a Job

Inspirational Talks

  1. Talent is overrated
  2. Cyber cybernetics
  3. Acres of Diamond

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